Glen Ridge High School/Middle School MAC Grants
2008 Grants totaled $22,340

High School/Middle School - Peer Group Leadership
Peer Leadership is a leadership training program.  High school seniors are selected by a group interview, written application and teacher voting based upon 10 leadership qualities.  They are trained and empowered to meet with all 8th grade students via small group discussions throughout the year. Peer leaders meet daily as a class with advisors Heather Kobylinski and Diane Lenney.  Weekly discussions help teach leadership and problem-solving skills which enable students to make the right decisions regarding alcohol, character education and  drug and tobacco use. In the Spring 2008, Peer Leaders attended a Newark Bears baseball game with 8th grade students as a team building exercise. In Fall 2008, Peer Leaders will participate in a training and team building off-site at SkyTop in Pennsylvania.  Additional funds were used for the DUI Simulator experience in April and multi-media materials for follow up. In 2008, MAC allocated $7,500 to this grant to increase the class to include 18 seniors.

High School/Middle School - ATOD-Free Handbook
Two separate grade-level specific handbooks/agendas (Middle School and High School) are developed and distributed to all 7th – 12th grade students. Included in the handbooks are high school training rules, school alcohol and drug-related policies, Borough of Glen Ridge drinking ordinances, community resources, information on the Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance and referral lists.  Students and parents are made aware of alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related problems and policies in a group meeting with coaches at the beginning of each sports season, with reference to the student handbook and its contents.  Students use these handbooks on a daily basis to record assignments, a practice which is started at Ridgewood Avenue School.  In 2008 MAC will provide $2,100 towards the total cost of the materials.

High School/Middle School - Substance Abuse Presentations
Glen Ridge High School students in grades 10-12 will participate in presentations by rehabilitation center “clients.”  Selected centers will include presentations by clients with an attempt to match grade/ages and socio-economic status.  Clients will relate their individual situations, explaining how they began drug/alcohol use and abuse, discussing life’s trials and tribulations as a result of their habits, and the consequences they have suffered because of the choices they have made. Studies have shown that today’s teenagers are more greatly impacted by presentations that involve real-life situations rather than lectures from health care professionals who address the pros and cons of alcohol/drug use and abuse.  In 2006, members from Integrity House spoke at the High School to all grades.  Additionally, an 18 year old young woman, who was convicted on manslaughter of her companion in a fatal car accident, spoke to all the classes in Fall. In 2008, MAC has allocated $1,500 for these presentations.  Once dates and speakers have been arranged the information will be posted here and sent home via email.

High School/Middle School - Parent Information – Helping Hands Newsletter
The Helping Hands Newsletter is published monthly from September to May each year.  The newsletter is sent out via the School email lists.  Topics include issues which affect middle school through high school children and parents.  In 2008, the Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance fully funds this newsletter with a grant of $1000.

High School - Project U.S.E. Expanded
The Project U.S.E. program at Glen Ridge High School develops teamwork and problem solving skills through a series of physical challenges. These individual projects demand trust to be built among classmates who would not ordinarily relate with one another. Leadership and effective communication skills emerge based on the necessity to overcome the physical challenges. A rock-climbing wall, located in the main gym, is the basis for the physical challenges. The USE program is part of the Freshman and Sophmore Physical Education Curriculum. In 2008, MAC has allocated $2,700 toward the maintenance and purchase of equipment for this program.

In 2008, MAC allocated $5,500 to upgrade the Project USE system for the High School and Middle School Students. These funds came from the MAC matching funds raised each year in order to qualify for the County Grant.

High School - Project Graduation
A substance-free graduation celebration is the goal of this grant. Students attend a variety of activities during the evening, beginning with an alcohol, tobacco and other drug-free dinner, followed by a tent and pool party. All the events are held in town and are run by parent volunteers. Strict regulations and consequences regarding alcohol exist. Anyone abusing the regulations is no longer invited to be a part of the evening’s celebration. Prior to the event, a meeting is held for all parents and students, informing them of the regulations and educating them on the consequences and dangers of alcohol and drug use. In 2008, MAC has allocated $500 toward this initiative and preparing the students for graduation.

High School – Baby Think it Over
In 2008, MAC provided $1,040 for accessories needed for recently purchased baby simulators for the baby think in over program. The program is used to teach proper infant care skills, parenting education, pregnancy prevention and early childhood development.

All Schools - Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon is a drug and alcohol awareness program held each year in October.  Town-wide activities throughout the week involve schools, Borough Hall, the community, businesses and senior citizens.  Each day during Red Ribbon Week will involve a different, very visible activity to highlight the alcohol, tobacco and other drug-free message.  MAC provides funds for the purchase of materials distributed to students throughout the week.  In 2008, MAC has allocated $1,500 for the Red Ribbon Week programs at the High School, Middle School, Ridgewood, Linden and Forest Avenue Schools.
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