The Glen Ridge MAC Mission Statement

Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance Committee The mission of the Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) is to identify social and health needs within the Glen Ridge community (individual, family, school and community).

MAC aims to coordinate and develop prevention/detection programs to respond to these needs and educate and provide resources to the general public to help address these needs.

Glen Ridge MAC Goals, approved January 24, 2007

  • Programming Continue targeted efforts to educate students, parents and educators about underage drinking and drug use in order to increase awareness of the problem and provide encouragement, resources and alternative activities for our youth.
  • Programming Continue programming efforts targeted to improve the health, safety and well-being of all members of the Glen Ridge Community.
  • Programming: Mini-Grants Solicit community input regarding mini-grants from prior years Matching Trust balances.
  • Needs Assessment - Analyze GRPD data on underage drinking and house parties; use statistics to assess drinking trends and make modifications to our programs. Receive a monthly report at the MAC meetings.
  • Needs Assessment Research ways to obtain information from the Glen Ridge Middle and High School student population on drinking, smoking and drug use so that programs can be developed to address the issues affecting our student population.
  • Communication - Improve MAC communications and public relations by placing at least one article or announcement per month in a variety of news, school and community media sources.
  • Grant Administration (1) Ensure that 2007 grant monies are planned for and submitted for reimbursement. (2) Review all existing and new grant proposals by May 2007 in order to provide direction of the grant writer for the 2008 grant. (3) Review on a quarterly basis, Matching Trust funding and adjust solicitation strategy to ensure 25% match is met by year end.

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