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Glen Ridge Safe HomesSafeHomes is a parent networking campaign to create an atmosphere where underage alcohol and drug use is not acceptable. One of the main reasons kids take drugs (including alcohol) is pressure from peers. When parents join together and take a united stand against alcohol and drug use, they become much more effective than if they act separately. Parents can benefit from the support of other parents by helping each other resist pressure from parents who do not set the same limits on their children's behavior.

The goals of the Glen Ridge Safe Homes Parent Network are to:
  • Foster education and communication about underage alcohol and drug use to help stop it in our community and keep our kids safe.
  • Help parents send a unified “no underage use” message by establishing clear and realistic rules about underage drug and alcohol use – it is illegal, unhealthy and dangerous.
  • Encourage parents to supervise all social gatherings in order to prevent unsupervised parties in private homes, where the illegal use of alcohol or other drugs may occur.
The Glen Ridge Safe Homes Parent Network will work to meet these goals by:
  • Disseminating information (via a monthly email) about underage drinking, drug and tobacco use among teenagers.
  • Maintaining helpful information on this website.
  • Conducting forums throughout the School Year, where parents can come to hear from experts on PreTeen and Teen topics, share their experiences and benefit from the support of other parents going through the same things.

If you have any questions, please contact the chairpeople:

Bob Gropper:

Charlie Lea:

In 2008, MAC has allocated a $2,000 grant for Safe Homes.

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