Quit Smoking Now!

Quit Smoking
What? Give the best holiday gift ever to you and your family. Quit Smoking Now! For Free! Come to the Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance Committee's Free Smoking Cessasation program.
When?Monday, October 27th, from 6-7pm; Orientation at Glen Ridge High School Home Economic Room, followed by 8 sessions on Mondays 11/3 through 12/22, 6-7pm, also at the Glen Ridge High School.
How?Register Below - 6 people are needed to register in order to qualify to have the program in Glen Ridge, so pass the word. You will be contacted by MAC Chair Kathy Weissenberger once you register. Any questions? E-mail info@grmac.org.
DetailsGRMAC is happy to announce that with the assistance of the Institute for Prevention, Saint Barnabas Behavioral Health Network, we are implementing a tobacco dependence treatment program that will increase these odds dramatically and help you to succeed in quitting, once and for all.
On Monday, October 27th, at 6pm at the Glen Ridge High School, Home Economics Room, the Institute for Prevention will be providing a FREE orientation outlining the details of their program. Their research-based program is modeled after the Mayo Clinic and will provide state of the art specialized treatment by highly trained professionals. Participants in the program will receive:
  • A Comprehensive Assessment
  • Effective Group Counseling
  • An Individualized Quit Smoking Plan
  • Up to date information on Medications and Nicotine Replacement Therapies
  • Strategies for Overcoming Cravings and Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Weight Management Tips
  • Techniques on Reducing Stress
  • Suggestions for Preventing Relapse
After the free orientation, there are 8 weekly sessions to the program. Session #1 consists of individual assessments 11/3, followed by 7 sessions of group meetings, November 10th through December 22nd. In order to have the Program run in Glen Ridge, at least 6 residents or employees of Glen Ridge Schools or the Borough must register. The cost of the program will be covered by the Glen Ridge MAC. This is the last year that MAC funding is allowed to cover smoking cessation programs, so sign up now!

So give yourself and your family a wonderful gift for the holidays - sign up for the program and quit smoking!

Additionally, those interested in quitting smoking may want to check out the following resources:



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