2010 Fundraising:
In order to qualify for a state grant, the MAC must raise 25% of the grant as a cash match, with our goal standing at $9,737. We have presently reached a total of $9,545 ... just a few more hours for you to help us reach our goal!! We need to raise this match by December 31st or we risk losing state funds.
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The Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance Committee
The mission of the Glen Ridge Municipal Alliance Committee (GRMAC) is to identify social and health needs within the Glen Ridge community (individual, family, school and community). GRMAC aims to coordinate and develop prevention/detection programs to respond to these needs and educate and provide resources to the general public to help address these needs.

One of GRMACís top priorities is to educate students, parents and educators about underage drinking and drug use in order to increase awareness of the problem and provide encouragement, resources and alternative activities for our youth. Check out the Safe Homes section of this website for great anti-drug and alcohol information for parents and kids, look up alternative activities for Glen Ridge kids on the Youth Recreation section, or browse through the School Program section to see what is being done in the schools.

Additionally, GRMAC provides funding for programming which aims to improve the health, safety and well-being of all members of the Glen Ridge Community. Read through the Community Section to see information on MACís Senior Citizen program, National Night Out, DARE or Glen Ridgeís Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT).
MAC stands for Municipal Alliance Committee. In 1989, New Jersey adopted legislation creating the Governorís Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Funding for the program comes from fines related to the Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction program, with a 25% cash match raised by each municipalityís Alliance. The creation of the alliance was based on the understanding that the cooperation and active participation of all communities in the State is necessary to achieve the goal of reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) abuse. The Allianceís goal is to develop alcoholism and drug abuse prevention and public awareness programs and networks in every municipality in the state.

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